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Growing plants from seed in Iceland

24 febrúar frá 20:00 til 21:00

( Similar event in Icelandic the day before https://www.facebook.com/events/373372031292001 )

Rannveig Guðleifsdóttir gardening guru and the person behind Gardaflora and GardeninginIceland.com is going to go over some of the key things about growing plants from seed in Iceland and share some of her tips and tricks.

Whether you are starting your vegetables or flowers indoors or growing perennials, there are some basics that are good to know as well as sometimes adaptations to growing in the short Icelandic summer.

This event is ideal for anyone starting out, wanting to refresh their knowledge and/or hoping to pick up some new tricks.

Open for everyone and free of charge, but you need to have installed the Zoom software first and unfortunately the Horticultural Society’s license has a limit of maximum 100people at the same time, so it is usually good to be a little bit early.

This event is part of the series of meetings taking place over the next few weeks and months. Most meetings will take place online, but some will take place in person at the headquarters of the society in Síðumúli, Reykjavík. In general, they will all take place in Icelandic, but there will also be at least something for those among us who prefer english. Those events, like this one, will have both their title and description in English to indicate the language of the event.

Each event starts at 8pm and is estimated to take around 40-60minutes. The event will be accessible through a zoom link, which will be posted on the FB event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/652226366006157/

Zoom link: