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Gar­yrkjufÚlag ═slands 





The Horticultural Society of Iceland is a society of gardening and environmental  enthusiasts and is open to all.  Membership is currently about 2500.  Established in 1885 and among the oldest active societies in Iceland, this organization has from its inception aimed at encouraging and enhancing horticulture, gardening, and the utilzation of plants.


The Horticultural Society of Iceland has been a driving force behind horticulture in Iceland, and its many offshoots include most active professional and commercial organizations relating to horticulture.  In additon to building on a tried and true foundation, the society has a progressive contemporary agenda that seeks to promote and enhance awareness of gardening and the many uses of plants.


Overview of the primary roles of the society:



  • Gar­yrkjuriti­ (The Horticultural Journal)  is the societyĺs annual, published since 1895, containing noteworthy and informative articles.
  • FrÚttabrÚf Gar­urinn (The Garden Newsletter) is a quarterly containing updates on the societyĺs activities.
  •  Other publishing activities include the production of books such as Hvannir (Angelicas), Rˇsir (Roses), Matjurtabˇkin (Kitchen Gardens), Skr˙­gar­abˇkin (Decorative Gardens), Sveppakveri­ (The Fungus Primer), and Gar­urinn ľ hugmyndir a­ skipulagi og efnisvali (The Garden - Concepts for Organization and Plant Selection).


Workshops and Tours

  •  Workshops are held regularly during the winter months


  • The media: The society has for many years overseen both radio programs and the newspaper columns ĹFlower of the Weekĺ and ĹGardeningĺ in the daily Morgunbla­i­.


  •  The society has participated in horticultural exhibitions in Iceland as well as attending others abroad.


  • Garden Tours are an annual event during which selected gardens are open to society members for a weekend in July.  A special spring event is sometimes held as well.


  • Garden walks in various locations throughout the country are held regularly on Wednesday evenings from spring through autumn, offering guided tours of plants and gardens both in and outside urban areas.


  • Workshops and tours both in Iceland and abroad are offered from time to time, and society members also have an opportunity to participate in tours organized by foreign horticultural societies with which the Horticultural Society of Iceland has ties.


Seed Catalogues and Orders

  • The society publishes a special order list for autumn and spring bulbs, which has proven popular with members anxious to try new varieties.  Stores have then added these to their inventories when they have been tried successfully.
  • An annual seed list of 1000 varities is published for members, who in turn collect, clean, and submit seed from their own gardens.



  • The Rose Club  works to increase the growth and knowledge of roses.  Click here.
  • The Summer Cottage Clubĺs objective is to promote horticulture on cottage properties.
  • The Kitchen Garden Club aims to promote the growing and utilization of herbs and edible plants.
  • The Florist Club works to increase  knowledge of flowers arrangement and cut flowers.
  • The Fruit Club works to increase knowledge of fruit trees and berries.



  •  The Horticultural Society of Iceland has an office at Sidumuli 1 and sponsors a large website at www.gardurinn.is  Inquiries are answered when possible or referred to professionals with specialized knowledge.  The society also has an extensive library of books to which members have access.